Oh, for crying out loud!

I was over at ClubMom.com reading Parenting Pop Culture by blogger Meredith O’Brien, whBabytalken I find a post that just made me realize, once again, just how morbid some people can be.

Apparently, BabyTalk magazine’s August issue had the picture of a breastfeeding baby in its cover. Which caused many prudes to jump up and censor the fact that a HUMONGOUS BREAST WAS ON THE COVER OF A PARENTING MAGAZINE OH MY GOD THE APOCALYPSE.

How is it possible that some people find the picture of a baby feeding from mommy’s breast dirty? Well, you need to have a filthy mind. That way you’ll be able to look at everything and turn it into something offensive. I mean, what kind of person would think it’s possible for anyone to get aroused by the sight of a baby eating? If you think your kid might, you might want to examine the kind of education you’re giving them.



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