Guess what? I suck.

Well, I’ve officially gotten my first not-so-happy comment. From the first internet person to ever tell me I’m funny. Does that say complete suckitude or what?

You know, I’ve never really thought much of my writing skills; however, I’m really starting to panic because apparently stuff I write is being misinterpreted, which is one thing I’ve never had a problem with. I’ve always been able to speak my mind and be understood at once.

Plus, it really hurts when people inside the computer who were beginning to sort of like you don’t anymore. But that’s just one of my issues, and maybe material for another post.


On some more exciting –and much needed– news, WE HAVE A CRIB, PEOPLE! And I just love it so much I have to post a pretty picture as soon as I can. The best part was, I got it from an acuaintance who’s a co-sleeper so it’s pretty much new, and it was only $80!!!! (Yup. I get pretty excited when i find a good bargain. REALLY EXCITED. Like someone-please-give-this-lady-a-cold-shower excited.)

And now, back to work. Blegh.


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  1. S. Said:

    Honestly, Lilly, I don’t know why she got so bent out of shape. I totally got what you were saying — that it’s cool the internet people are seeing you as funny and you can keep the Immense Dorkitude of real life safely hidden.

    Congrats on the crib, that’s great!

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