New computer!!!

<p>But guess what? No. Internet.</p>

<p>So I’ll just have to keep posting and reading my beloved blogs at work. Which wouldn’t suck so much if they hadn’t blocked access to USB flash drives, which I’m not sure is related to my blogging but still makes me never want to touch this computers again.</p>

<p>And on some baby-related news, there are NO NEWS. The wait, it is horrible. I mean, it’s so frustrating when you’re not really sure what you can buy because you don’t know if the baby’s a boy or a girl, and you’re just dying to go shopping even if you’re not getting stuff for yourself because you just want to start picking out a stroller and a crib and drapes and bedding sets and clothes and dammit, will you tell me the sex of my baby already!</p>

<p>But you know, no news is good news. I mean, the Bean is moving, like a lot, which is good. But other than that, no news. Which I like to think is also good.</p>

<p>Also! My belly is getting humongous. I really need to post some pics because I’m really amazed I’m only 16 weeks pregnant. I mean, people are taking bets on wether or not I’m having twins, for cryin’ out loud. <em>That’s</em> how big my belly is.</p>

<p>And that is all from San Jose, Costa Rica. Tune in July 15th for… the sex of the baby. If it wishes to show its privates. If it’s anything like mommy, it will. And maybe not even on purpose. Maybe it’s inherited the Immense Dorkitude.</p>

<p>Poor kid.</p>


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