Because even with the Almighty Amalah, there are not enough posts about puke in the world wide web

<p>First of all, I’ve been exceptionally tired, what with all the carrying of a baby my body is doing and all. Cellular division is really tiring, I’ll tell you. And that’s why I’ve failed to update like a normal person.</p>

<p>Second of all, I hate Murphy. And his <a href=”’s_law”>damn laws</a>. Despise him. And here’s why.</p>

<p>Yesterday I was telling my aunts how I thought my morning sickness had receded THANK GOD, and that I was actually feeling really well except for, you know, my back, but I’ve already complained about back pain on another post, so moving on.</p>

<p>Anyhoo, today I get up reeeeally early to go to work, and as soon as I get out of the shower I feel this horrible nausea and, for some reason, my body starts to resist. So I start gasping for air, but I feel the inevitable vomit about to come out. See, throwing up had never been a problem for me before; because I suffer from migraines and the only way I would feel better was by throwing up, so I would gladly do it as long as it meant no more pain. But since I got pregnant my body tends to resist it, which makes me feel like crap, because I end up puking anyways, tired and pretty much feeling like I want to die.</p>

<p>So I ended up bent over the toilet throwing up nothing but gastric juice wich completely burnt my throat, all the while hearing in my head how the Universe would go <em>hee-hee!</em> on me Nelson-style, and thinking <em>damn Murphy’s laws!! Damn them to hell!!</em></p>

<p>Tha daily puke post was brought to you by C’est la vie.</p>



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