You know? Some updating would be nice

<p>Okay, so I understand that part of the idea of having a blog is updating. Okay, maybe that’s the <em>whole </em>idea. But hey, I’m doing it, although I’m not quite sure who I’m updating for. Maybe one of my friends will read this.</p>

<p>On Monday, I had my first ultrasound. Michael and my mom were there. And of course, something had to go wrong. The doctor, who was at least 80,000 years old, was… I really can’t describe it. First, he BEGGED ME to have an intravaginal ultrasound (yeah, because I’m in just the right mood to have stuff shoved up my vagina). I mean, he begged me. And my mom was like, <em>don’t you let him do that!</em> And Michael was just looking from me, to my mom, to the doctor like <em>okay, what does this guy think he’s doing?</em></p>

<p>Then, being the two biggest crybabies in the world, my mom and I were almost reduced to tears as soon as that little white blotch appeared on the screen. And the only thing Michael could do was hold my hand and stand in awe of the fact that<em> oh my god, there is a person inside my wife and oh my god, it shares genetic material with both of us.</em></p>

<p>And it was all great, until the doctor said that my 3/4 of an inch baby was 12 weeks old. Uh-huh! a) it’s nowhere near the size it should be at 12 weeks. And 2) I had a blood test done about 2.5 months ago, plus an US at my GYN consult like 2 months ago, and let me tell you, I was not pregnant then, dammit!</p>

<p>So even though I went to get that god damned ultrasound done because I couldn’t wait ’till my prenatal appointment next month to find out how far along the pregnancy is, I’m still gonna have to wait, ’cause that damn moron couldn’t even tell me that. But at least we got to meet our baby. The tiny person who will depend on us for the first years of his or her life, and whom we already love more than anything else in the world.</p>

<p>P.S.: I need to scan the prints of the US. But you should see how cute my baby is! Like the cutest white blotch ever! (I know. Pathetic, huh?)</p>


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